Click here to read the exposed truth about this scam…..

John Aster is an exposed pedophile located in australia. created the AXJ scam with another pedophile named Eduardo Vallego Panilla who is located in California USA.

please also see for raw evidence…..


and more here——-Hear John Asters own words confess to convictions of child porn, convictions that he denied to us all for three years until we got the dirt on the dirty.

Eduardo Vallego Panilla, John Asters partner in crime is also in the USA, running from charges in Spain for sexually molesting his own daughter.  They are using NING web networks also and their scams can be found by searching them on the NING network.

Look closeley as to how they will use God and much much more, making you think they are safe and a secure valid org which they are so far from.

This is pedophile Eduardo Vallego Panilla, on youtube promoting his AXJ Scam. !!!!

After John Hans Anderson exposed these two pedophiles, they have relentlessly cyber bullied and attacked Anderson by making up false libel defamatory content on the web so that it shows up on web searches……

What these pedophiles have done to this man is sick, they also have used Andersons daughters pics and exploited them all over the web.

We would like to thank John Hans Anderson for his non stop efforts in exposing these listed pedophiles, and the scams they are creating sucking many people into paying money of some kind.

Remember folks, AXJ is a fake period.

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exposing the worlds corruption one show at a time. and in a whole new way, the S.T.O.L.E.N, way...
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  1. Pete Geary says:

    I fully endorse the use of the TRUTH, why are we persecuted for being the strength in our communities for being up front and precise in making sure if you are being stalked cyber bullied by these parasites then you do a search on their names and you come to a webpage that offers up our experience in what these animals did to us and our children, figure for one minute john aster has no children because his child was removed from Australia for safety reasons “FACT” Ed vellejo lost his children because his daughters both now adults wrote to the Internet asking their Father how could he molest them, these are the men behind AXJ, now you have seen the proof stay clear because these men are angry they are not allowed to be near their children, for the safety of your children or your families children read who these creeps are and teach others…. AXJ means child exploitation…..

  2. axjus says:

    John aster has not downloading child porn in months, I know because he is my friend. We used to download then we got caught. I think there should be no age limit, how dare you come between AXJ (Action 4 Justice religion). If child wants grown man then give her grown man.

  3. Bob McGuire says:

    ASTER attacks people that become suspicious of him, he hurts peoples families by using their childrens photos and putting slurs on them,

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